Purpose of Hausmann S.A.:

To make Hausmann a sustainable, competitive, productive and stable company thanks to our human capital.
Commit ourselves to meet the demands, requirements and expectations of our customers and interested parties, as well as all legal and regulatory requirements.


To create and develop innovative flavors and vegetable extracts highly attractive to the consumers of our customers’ products.


In 2020, we will consolidate ourselves in the food and supplement industries in Spain,and increase expansion in the American and Asian Continents

Values and Beliefs:

– Ethics
– Honesty
– Integrity
– Congruence
– Transcendenceof our work
-Consideration by people
-Compete to win

Based on the strategic lines defined in the context analysis carried out, the objectives have been defined, which have been made known to all levels of the HAUSMANN structure.

The Policy is kept up-to-date through periodic reviews and is extended to customers, workers, suppliers and the general public

President of HAUSMANN
5th Edition, January 2018
Daniel Hausmann